Donna Frostick

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January 25, 2019 - March 17, 2019 Environment at Risk - Sierra club exhibition Plant Zero Richmond, VA

December 17, 2018 - February 15, 2019 2018 WCAC Stryker Building Show Williamsburg, VA

styles and influences

In my paintings I try to capture the essential truth behind the scene, the unseen forces that animate the elements. To this end, I’m more interested in depicting the mood of a place than I am in duplicating exactly what it looks like. It’s a longstanding interest of mine. As a painting and printmaking student at Virginia Commonwealth University in the 1980s, I used abstract expressionism to disrupt depictions of the perceived world. Now, my work often evokes the dreamlike quality of the Surrealists, as well as the color and energy of the Post-Impressionists.


March 10, 2018 - 'Concrete and Stone': A new solo exhibition celebrates moments of unnoticed beauty Press release

October 17, 2017 - 'Ladies First' exhibition on view in Petersburg to support Domestic Violence Awareness Month Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA

July 4, 2017 – Twin artists Dana and Donna Frostick showing ‘Mirror Image’ Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA

July 7, 2017 – Twin images Richmond Magazine, Richmond, VA

July 31, 2016 – The Artists Within Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA


BFA, Painting and Printmaking Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy, Richmond, VA

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Artworks Crossroads Art Center Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center


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